Episode 50: Tim Freke on the Next Evolutionary Jump in Humanity

Today I’m so excited to talk with someone that aligns with my mission of Expanding Consciousness and Accessing our Higher Purpose, Tim Freke.

Tim Freke is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality and the bestselling author of more than 20 books, including the Jesus Mysteries, Soul Story and Lucid Living. He is pioneering a new philosophy of awakening that has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He presents life-changing events internationally and online. He has a new controversial TEDx talk out. 

In this conversation, we dive into a number of topics such as:

a revolutionary new philosophy called Emergent spirituality
how emotions create your reality
how the internet is an extension of our nervous system and much more!

I’m beyond thrilled to bring you this episode.

Let’s go to the show!

Episode 49: Sarah Zucker on the à La Carte Life

My guest today aligns with my mission for self-empowerment and creativity. 

Sarah Zucker is a writer and multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her work merges the gorgeous and grotesque through humor, psychedelia, mysticism, and the interplay of cutting edge + obsolete technologies.

She works across mediums, specializing in mixing digital and analog video techniques and the use of VHS. Her GIF art has been viewed over 3 billion times. She incorporates elements of performance, drawing, painting and collage into her interdimensional rainbow visions. She runs YoMeryl, an art + animation studio, with partner Bronwyn Lundberg. She produces media projects as fancy nothing (formerly known as The Current Sea).

In this episode we discuss: 

the benefits of failure 
how we’re reversing the ego-based metrics of success in the new paradigm
podcasting as a spiritual practice 

**Please note that this episode contains depictions of reality that some people may find disturbing.**

Episode 44: Erik Davis on High Weirdness

We’re back with the season debut of The Art of Humanity! We’ve got a brand new season that focuses on empowering the next paradigm of consciousness. Today’s guest is someone who aligns with my mission for Embodiment and New Thought: Erik Davis. Erik is an American writer, scholar, journalist and public speaker whose writings have …

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Episode 43: Steve Canal on the Mind of a Winner

Steve Canal is an award-winning branding architect, author, and global motivational speaker. A self-proclaimed corporate-preneur, Steve serves as Principal and CEO of The Brand Executive and former National Community Affairs Lead for MillerCoors. Steve desires to positively impact the lives of business professionals worldwide prompting his exploration into authorship. His debut book, “The Mind of …

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Episode 40: Seth Godin on why hustling is a form of hiding

Today I’m so excited to talk with someone that aligns with my mission of Truth, integrity and purpose: Seth Godin. Seth is an entrepreneur, author of 19 books that have been best-sellers around the world. His newest book is called This is Marketing which is already a Wall Street Journal, Amazon and New York Times bestseller. He’s been on the internet since 1976, invented permission-based email, founded two significant net companies, and he defines his working life by the many projects he’s launched, the failures he’s learned from, and the people he’s taught. By focusing on everything from effective marketing and leadership, to the spread of ideas, Seth has been able to motivate and inspire countless people around the world.

Episode 38: Andréa Ranae on Activism and Leadership

Andréa Ranae is deeply committed to doing her part to cultivate a world that works for everyone. Her work sits at the intersections of personal growth, social justice and conscious business. She has a unique lens on leadership by fusing coaching, activism and awareness, and is the creator of Coaching as Activism. She supports people …

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