Ep 77: Daniel Pinchbeck on Evolving from Cynicism to Mysticism


Today’s guest is a MUST RELEASE!! I interviewed Daniel back in January and feel that now is the perfect time – as Pluto enters into Aquarius. 

Pluto isn’t afraid to question who’s in charge, navigating the most complex systematic networks and quietly ripping them apart from the inside out.

Welcome to this interview with Daniel Pinchbeck! He is the author of Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism, which explores philosophical and critical perspectives on shamanism, and his personal transformation from a cynic to a mystic. He’s a philosopher, author, psychonaut, and activist. 

In this episode, Jessica and Daniel discuss:

  1. how his mom that was part of the Beat generation influences his work
  2. how he explains the Aquarian, liminal age that we’re now experiencing
  3. how we can grok this idea that this earth is reincarnating 
  4. Rudolph Steiner’s influence
  5. why thinking should be from the heart
  6. how integration + shadow work can circumvent the corporatization of psychedelics
  7. are mystical experiences possible without psychedelics?
  8. the importance of going beyond our traumas
  9. the importance of grief and sorrow


Daniel’s Substack: https://danielpinchbeck.substack.com/

My essay in Daniel’s literary magazine: We Don’t Need More Awakening

Paul Levy’s episode 65 on Awakening in the Dream

Breaking Open the Head





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