Episode 27: Reflections and Predictions for 2018


Here are my reflections and predictions for 2018. Using quotes from musicians like Father John Misty, fused with ideas from previous guests (like Zach LearyJeff Pulver,  and Mark Groves) I explore the art and science of what it means to be human today.

“There’s a difference between art and entertainment. Entertainment is really about forgetting about your life, and art is about remembering your life. Sometimes remembering your life involves stronger emotions than the narcotic glow of entertainment. What I’ve set out to do is more than to just entertain.”

– Father John Misty

Podcasts can still get a message out and it’s not being censored..it’s not being controlled (just yet). This, the art of humanity, it’s a thread to unite our awareness and understanding today. I believe that we will look back in time to see podcasting as one of the greatest threads of the counterculture.

Which brings us to where we are today: The Internet as the most powerful expression of freedom. How do we use it to evolve our humanity and to not self-destruct?

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