We’re back with the season debut of The Art of Humanity!

We’ve got a brand new season that focuses on empowering the next paradigm of creativity.

Today’s guest is someone who aligns with my mission for truth and humanity: Bob Lefsetz. Bob is the writer of the independently produced Lefsetz Letter, which according to the LATimes is read by just about everyone who’s anyone in the music industry. He narrates our fast-paced culture with impeccability and courage and isn’t afraid to speak the truth.  

I started following Bob’s blog back when I was working at Sirius XM, and it became clear that his influence on culture is of historical importance. Bob’s strong opinions shape music. And music, in turn, shapes culture. So, in a sense, this interview goes behind the lens of what shapes the fabric of our society today.  

Bob and I sat down to discuss how he started writing, advice he has for aspiring writers and musicians, the future of writing, and why it’s important to be a hermit on purpose.  

We also cover some important questions:

  • How to make a living as a writer
  • What does journalism mean today?
  • How can women make it in the music industry?

I’m so excited to share this interview with you.

Let’s go to the show! 

Note: Explicit content.


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