Episode 34: Byron Reese on the future of humanity


Season 4 focuses on empowering the next paradigm of creativity.

In episode 34, I talk with Byron Reese about technology and the future of humanity.

We discuss:

  • Why most people in Silicon Valley think they’re machines – and why this is a good thing
  • The meaning of Artificial Intelligence
  • The difference between narrow AI (spot spam in your inbox) and general intelligence

We also talk about:

  • How to adopt technology responsibly
  • Why everyone is going to be vegetarian in the future
  • Whether we’ve reached a saturation point with our intelligence? If so, what are the precautions we should be taking.

Technology magnifies human abilities. And in turn, it allows us to be more creative.

“The biggest problems of tomorrow will not be a lack of jobs but a shortage of humans to take advantage of all of the opportunities technology will offer.” –  @byronreese on the Art of Humanity with @itsjessicann {click to tweet!

“Technology magnifies human abilities. Technology lets us all do more because we learned a trick: We take knowledge and we use it to multiply what we’re able to do.” @byronreese on the Art of Humanity with @itsjessicann {click to tweet!}  

I’m so excited to bring you this episode.

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Let’s go to the show!

Show Notes:

The Future of Work is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy

Beyond Meat

Byron Reese’s website 

Byron’s new book: The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers and the Future of Humanity




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