Episode 40: Seth Godin on why hustling is a form of hiding


Today I’m so excited to talk with someone that aligns with my mission of Truth, integrity and purpose: Seth Godin. Seth is an entrepreneur, author of 19 books that have been best-sellers around the world. His newest book is called This is Marketing which is already a Wall Street Journal, Amazon and New York Times bestseller. He’s been on the internet since 1976, invented permission-based email, founded two significant net companies, and he defines his working life by the many projects he’s launched, the failures he’s learned from, and the people he’s taught. By focusing on everything from effective marketing and leadership, to the spread of ideas, Seth has been able to motivate and inspire countless people around the world.

In this conversation, we dive into a number of topics such as:

  • Why hustling is a form of hiding
  • How to look into the eye of what matters
  • How to get better clients

We also discuss:

  • Why having a traditional book publisher won’t make you famous
  • How to build an asset as a writer in today’s world
  • Why memes are genes and why technology is a species 

I’m beyond thrilled to bring you this episode. Let’s go to the show!

“Hustling is a form of hiding.” {click to tweet!

“Spin and hype is NOT marketing.” {click to tweet!}

“Art is the generous act of turning lights on for other people.” {click to tweet!}


Seth’s website

Ray Dalio: Principles 

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What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly 

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins 

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