Episode 43: Steve Canal on the Mind of a Winner


Steve Canal is an award-winning branding architect, author, and global motivational speaker. A self-proclaimed corporate-preneur, Steve serves as Principal and CEO of The Brand Executive and former National Community Affairs Lead for MillerCoors.

Steve desires to positively impact the lives of business professionals worldwide prompting his exploration into authorship. His debut book, “The Mind of a Winner” is a #1 best seller on Amazon. His book takes a deep dive into personal growth with the intent to cut down the learning curve of success and inspire a winning mindset that puts readers on the path to achieving success with purpose.

Steve brings wisdom and practical advice to the pages of this project, as he has to the stages he’s graced throughout his years as a keynote speaker, host, and panelist. His undeniable foresight in business and engaging spin on real-world issues keeps audiences captivated, making him an in-demand speaker.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The difference between an “intrapreneur” and a “corporate-preneur”
  • Why being an entrepreneur requires full ownership
  • how to build better habits

We also discuss:

  • Why desire is a key determining factor to success
  • What he learned from traveling to all fifty states
  • Why he spends at least three hours a day on his mindset – and his book recommendations


Steve’s book: The Mind of a Winner on Amazon

The Mind of a Winner on Audible 

Modern Man 

She’s Got Time 


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