Episode 48: Michael Phillip on Recontextualizing the Mystical Experience through Technology


My guest today aligns with my mission of wonder and awe: Michael Phillip.

Michael Phillip hosts a fantastic podcast called Third Eye Drops, which is on the MindPod Network (along with the Art of Humanity!) and a few others I’ve interviewed on my podcast like Michael Donovan and Zach Leary. 

The MindPod network is a collective of likeminded, independent podcasts. Here you will discover shows about art, psychedelics, consciousness, sex, death, culture, personal development, dreams, society, Eastern philosophy, the paranormal, and much more. Fellow hosts include artists, philosophers, filmmakers, astrologists, authors, witches and a living wizard (not to be confused with living lizard people…also a thing which we touch upon in this episode). 

Michael refers to his podcast as a “mind-meld.” It’s a self-described techno-dharma where he conducts an ontological juggling act, and discusses the intersection of reality and consciousness….he waxes poetic about philosophy, art, consciousness and ties it all together through the fabric of the human experience. 

This interview is more of an intellectual investigation of sorts. We both love philosophy and we get deep into it.

**Please note that this episode contains depictions of reality that some people may find disturbing.**

In this interview we discuss:

  1. What is techno-dharma?
  2. How we can recontextualize the mystical experience through technology
  3. Conspiracy theories and how they tie in to today’s culture (e.g, lizard people and alien information theory) 

Let’s go to the show!


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