Episode 61: Pamela Pavlicscak on the Emotions of AI


Pamela Pavliscak (pav-li-shock) guides organizations toward emotionally intelligent futures as founder of Change Sciences. Part ethnography, part psychology, part data science, her approach translates future vision into tangible everyday possibilities.

She specializes in emotionally intelligent design and emotion-sensing artificial intelligence. Her research has been featured on CBC’s Spark, Salon, and Quartz. Her book, Emotionally Intelligent Design, focuses on how to design a future that has as much EQ as it does IQ.

Pamela is a TEDx speaker and has spoken at SxSW , TNW, Web Summit, Google Creative Labs, among many others. She teaches at the Pratt Institute School of Information in NYC and has lectured at the Stanford d.School, ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination, University of Washington, and Parsons. 

In this interview, we discuss: 

  • How technology is giving us new emotions that we don’t know what to call them
  • The emotional relationship we have with technology and how schadenfreude plays a part
  • The “Uncanny Valley” aspect of technology and how I first experienced this myself during CES in 2015 with Toshiba’s “Robot Hostess”
  • Transhumanism and the implication that human consciousness can be transferred to alternative media, known as mind uploading.
  • The Singularity

Let’s go to the show!

Note: This interview was recorded before the current unrest.


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