Ep 79: Consideration is the Highest Form of Love


Consideration is the highest form of love. It is often overlooked because of its simplicity. But it is essential for our evolution as humans.

When you embody consideration within your own relationships, it starts the alchemical transformation from lower states of being to higher levels of consciousness. And it’s *not* selfish. It forms the foundation upon which the prosperity and well-being of all members of your community can flourish.

But first…the roots of your own tree (your own family) must first be strong enough to support the growth…the branches, twigs, and flowers. So then it can transcend the boundaries of the self and extend into the communal realm.

This need for deep grounding in the material world not only nurtures our own growth but also contributes to the collective evolution towards a more harmonious society.

By practicing consideration, we can bridge the gap between spiritual ideals and tangible actions.

Let’s go to the show!

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