Episode 51: James Altucher on Choosing Yourself

James Altucher has started and ran more than 20 companies and is currently an investor in & advisor to over 30, but at one point, James lost everything. In a matter of months, his account drained from $15 million to $143. Depressed and on the floor, James realized that today’s standard view of success comes with conditions and the only way to be truly successful and fulfilled is to “Choose Yourself.” Now, James Altucher is a bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, angel investor, chess master, and host of The James Altucher Show podcast.
In this interview, we discuss: 
An experiment that he did with 50 Shades of Grey called How to Satisfy a Billionaire
Our shared experience of minimalism/buying/purging and why you should never have a mortgage
Why the flow state is necessary to be a good writer 
The deprogramming that’s necessary as an entrepreneur 
The benefits of having a traditional publisher vs. self-publishing 

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Episode 49: Sarah Zucker on the à La Carte Life

My guest today aligns with my mission for self-empowerment and creativity. 

Sarah Zucker is a writer and multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her work merges the gorgeous and grotesque through humor, psychedelia, mysticism, and the interplay of cutting edge + obsolete technologies.

She works across mediums, specializing in mixing digital and analog video techniques and the use of VHS. Her GIF art has been viewed over 3 billion times. She incorporates elements of performance, drawing, painting and collage into her interdimensional rainbow visions. She runs YoMeryl, an art + animation studio, with partner Bronwyn Lundberg. She produces media projects as fancy nothing (formerly known as The Current Sea).

In this episode we discuss: 

the benefits of failure 
how we’re reversing the ego-based metrics of success in the new paradigm
podcasting as a spiritual practice 

**Please note that this episode contains depictions of reality that some people may find disturbing.**

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Episode 30: Douglas Karr on Risk-Taking

This episode of The Art of Humanity is all about transparency in marketing and technology. Douglas Karr is a MarTech expert who shares his story about being an entrepreneur and risk-taking. We also dive into Cambridge Analytica, SEO, and native advertising. Douglas Karr is the founder of The MarTech Blog and recognized MarTech expert. Doug is a

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Episode 1: Jeff Pulver on being vulnerable and open

I’m so, so so beyond excited to launch my very first episode of The Art of Humanity, a weekly 30-minute podcast that explores creativity and consciousness with artists, leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs. Note: If you enjoy this episode, please take 2 minutes to leave a review on the Apple store. It’ll mean so much to

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